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everytime someone brings up Al from Toy Story 2 i can’t imagine his like, twitter or tumblr description like, not being

“Cis White Male, Straight, Deal with it Snowflakes, i don’t care if i trigger you” followed by a list of his waifus 

look at this fucker, you can feel the grease on this render, this man fucking has 20 body pillows of Jessie from Woody’s round up and has his twitter icon as the anime girl of the month, this guy’s a fucking gamergater and you all know it, fuck Al from Toy Story 2

Al/44/Male/Straight/White/Single (Yes, we exist), Hi, I’m a big nerd who loves old cartoons and collecting toys, my blog is sometimes political and I’m always open to talk to people so long as you’re respectful and don’t resort to ad hominems

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